Handcrafted Artisan Jams & Chutneys made in small batches in Kent the Garden of England

Welcome. I am Elle a professional Chef and Artisan Producer. I am passionate about using when possible locally grown Kent produce supporting our local Farmers and growers. Kent after all is the Garden Of England.

 I wanted more than the supermarkets were selling something completlely different and bursting with flavour a decision was made to rip up the rule book and write my own recipes.

We dug up our garden to make it into an allotment, we were lucky enough to acquire another allotment in the Village I went foraging collecting wild fruit from the hedgerows and trees that surround my Village of New Ash Green, turning  freshly picked produce into preserves and chutneys. Family and friends and in fact anyone I knew became my tasters and testers. Village on the Hill finely arrived.

All my recipes are written and created solely by myself, I take inspiration from researching British food history, as far back as the 16th century, as well as researching and tasting native ingredients and spices from around the world and reflecting on the many countries I have visited before I sit down to write a recipe. I only use seasonal fruit and vegetables. My preserves are made in small batches of eight to twelve jars to maintain their quality and taste. I use traditional style open pans and every jar is made by me with care in my kitchen everything I produce is prepared by my hands and my knives no machines. They do not contain any preservatives, additives or chemicals only 100% natural ingredients.

I produce my preserves through the seasons,  I know you will understand when I tell you that I will not make Strawberry jam in December. Once each type of chutney or preserve I produce has gone it will not be available until the following yearly season .

Follow me through the seasons to see what I am making. Please get in touch via the contact page I would love to hear from you or come along and meet me.

Please use the contact page to request information on prices and availability.

Thank You for visiting and I Hope to see you soon.