South African Chutney

Chakalaka is a true native dish of South Africa apparently it originated in Johannesburg and no two family recipes are the same though there are always five ingredients that must be used as the core ingredients or it is not Chakalaka. My recipe is authentic in taste and true to its roots I have produced this chutney by developing the flavour profile. Chilli heat that keeps on giving but does not burn, spices that are not to shy, it is sweet and sharp and undeniably delicious and perfect for all meats and cheese in fact anything and everything! Our customers including our South African customers love it, and we love it too!

Kashmiri Mango Chutney

The picturesque Kashmir Valley is known as the crown of India, chillies and spices are milder than the other regions combined with the spices of Kashmir this mango chutney is totally different from any other mango chutney you have tasted and is incomparable to shop bought exactly what I wanted from this recipe. This is not just an accompaniment to curry dishes how about trying this with hot or cold roasted chicken or even with strong mature cheddar cheese sandwich this chutney will turn a boring sandwich into an amazing snack.


Malaysian Sambal – Achar

Achar pronounced ah - char means pickle or condiment. Malaysian food is heavily influenced by Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian. You could describe this as a melting pot of culture and cuisine this Sambal is all of these. This Achar combines all of these flavours into a jar to be authentic just delicious! At first the taste appears mild but then the heat creeps up on you but does not burn, the spices are fragrant but not overpowering it is sweet and sour at the same time but oh so moreish you will keep going back for more boring it is not. Enjoy with hot or cold meat, fish or vegetable dishes.  

Tongue Tickler

A sweet and mild chili relish made from homegrown heritage

tomatoes and sweet red peppers with a hint of

smokiness. Not just for cheese. Great with chicken,

ham and fish, just everything!


Pear Date & Walnut

Nostalgic chutney with a modern twist made for

for soft blue, soft cheese, and hard cheeses, made

with sweet pears Kentish honey a real taste of Kent

Contains Nuts

Mexican Salsa Chutney
I developed this chutney as I adore Mexican food my aim was to put Mexico into a jar when you twist of the lid it has the aroma of a Mexican street food market close your eyes and you will think you are there. This chutney brings food alive its big and bold in flavour using chillies and spices that are native to this country and takes food to another level but sits just as comfortably on the cheeseboard it has heat but without the burn.Take the 5-second countdown!

Apple & Cider Chutney
I have a passion for British food history it fascinates me and was my inspiration for this chutney based on food available in Anglo Saxon times 400AD to 1066AD. The name Grunty Pig was a name they used when the pigs attacked the apple trees to make the apples fall to the ground they made loud grunts while doing so but the Anglo Saxons were not impressed as they had a use for them. There are records of Anglo Saxons making cider apart from mead. This light chutney works perfectly with ham oven cooked gammon and cheese.


Autumn fruit local apples, pears and plums with locally brewed red ruby ale left to mature for around nine months when the flavour is sublime. This chutney is packed with fruit and appeals to many across all generations. A marriage for all red meats, sausages, and strong cheese also perfect for a traditional Ploughman's Lunch with a proper local ale.

Ale Contains Gluten

Mustard is one of those condiments I just love to cook with. The ale mustard takes three days to make as the mustard seeds like nothing more than wallowing in red ruby ale! Use to make a welsh rarebit, add to enrich a casserole, make a sauce or the Great British tradition of a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings and mustard for Sunday lunch.

Ale contains Gluten

This honey mustard again takes three days to make and uses just one type of mustard seed. Following a long soak in a very good organic cider, the seeds are then ready for another treat as the honey is then added. Use to make a marinade for Chicken, add when making a salad dressing, mix it into mayonnaise for a great dip, Roast Chicken dinner or when making a ham sandwich with fresh bread, spread it on thickly!


Made across the seasons

    Suitable for Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free diets unless otherwise stated

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