Jams, Jellies & Marmalade

     Suitable for vegetarians & vegans unless otherwise


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Peach & Raspberry Preserve
This preserve is a taste of summer. Made with ripe juicy peaches and plump raspberries I have passed the raspberries through a sieve to remove the raspberry seeds to enhance the texture and flavour. Use as an ingredient in bakewell tart or cupcakes, try adding a spoonful or two on top of thick creamy yogurt or spreading thickly on warm waffles for a breakfast treat.

Summer Solstice Preserve with Elderflower

On the day of the summer solstice last year our allotment garden was bursting with strawberries, blackcurrants and raspberries, earlier that morning whilst walking across the fields the Elderflower trees were in full blossom their heavenly scent filled the air as I walked past the trees. I could not resist collecting the Elderflowers then returning home to pick our first summer fruit using them to make this beautiful jam with these wonderful ingredients, it's summer in a jar!  

Strawberry Preserve Made with British Strawberries
Strawberries are known across the globe as an iconic symbol of the British they evoke thoughts of cream teas, cricket, summer Fetes and a sign that summer has arrived no matter what the weather! Made with care to ensure there are large pieces of fruit in every jar and to maintain their vibrant colour and taste.

Rhubarb & Madagascan Vanilla Preserve
In Mid-February the forced rhubarb arrives. Grown

in what is known as the Yorkshire triangle in almost

cave like conditions under candlelight Sounds really

quite romantic. The season is very short about two

weeks I make as much as I can in this short space of time

then around late June I harvest the rhubarb from the garden

to make the final batches for the year.

Do you love rhubarb and custard?Then you will love this jam!

I only use the finest Madagascan vanilla this gives this jam

its great taste.  

Lemon Curd - Made to order

One word for this it’s luscious! Fresh lemons, free range eggs, British butter and British sugar. Flavours of zing and zest that just tap dance on your tongue very moreish. Incredibly good when used as a topping for cupcakes as a base for a lemon meringue pie a citron torte, just spreading thickly on top of bread and butter or just eating straight out of the jar!
Not suitable for vegans
* Avoid eating if pregnant

Hedgerow Blackberry & Wild Bramley Apple Preserve
Using less sugar than commercially bought preserves this tastes like a real preserve should do and is pip free, spread thickly on hot buttered toas

Wild Damson Preserve
How quintessential is the British wild damson, sadly the wild trees are on the decline across the British Isles, they make the most lovely preserve again using less sugar. Try adding a couple of tablespoons to a red wine jus or sauce unbelievably good with red or game meat.

Pear & Ginger Preserve
Traditional preserve much loved by the Victorians but using less sugar, and stem ginger with a little of the syrup to bring warmth not heat, lemon juice is added to bring freshness. Wonderful with warm pancakes, ice cream with dark chocolate drizzled over the top  .

Mint Jelly
When we think of roast Lamb we automatically think mint sauce! The two just work so well together mint jelly is a great alternative to a Great British classic. Mint jelly is milder and fresher in taste but can still cut through the Lamb without the harshness. The mint is grown in our heated greenhouse and arrived earlier than expected due to a milder winter just in time for a spring Lamb roast dinner. Summer is just around the corner serve mint jelly with Lamb koftas cooked on the barbecue in pitta bread with a fresh green salad very tasty

Seville Orange & Whisky Marmalade
Seville oranges are in season for only a short time

from January to mid-February; this marmalade

takes 72 hours to make. The peel is

meticulously cut by hand, a labour of love,

10 year aged whisky is added but does distract from 

the taste as the whisky is subtle this makes a very fine


Seville Orange & Madagascan Vanilla
Only the finest gourmet Madagascan vanilla pods are

used for this marmalade and takes 72 hours to make. The vanilla seeds brings warmth and a

little sweetness to the Seville orange unlike vanilla essence that can be harsh , if you don't like marmalade this could persuade you

Seville Orange Country Marmalade

This marmalade is totally different to any other you have tasted dark tawny in colour, with a molasses sticky treacle taste I took my inspiration from researching marmalade in the 1800's then adapting to our tastes today but not loosing its true identity. Not just for toast use when making a bread and butter pudding or a sticky sponge pudding served with thick custard just delicious.

Three Fruit Marmalade
Lovely combinations of ruby grapefruit, oranges and lemons just not for breakfast try adding a couple of tablespoons into a marinade for chicken something different for a mid-week dinner.

A Hand-made Fruity Christmas Pudding- Made to Order
This Christmas pudding is in a league of its own using 100% natural ingredients, nothing else added. Lighter than a traditional pudding it does not contain suet that will leave you feeling uncomfortably full. The vine fruit is steeped in home-made cherry brandy overnight to ensure the fruits are extra juicy and plump, then gently steamed in gold pudding basins and wrapped in gold foil. Reheating instructions included
Contains gluten and nuts
380g Serves 2 to 3
660g Serves 4 to 6
1,1Kg serves 8 to 10

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